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Richard G. Cooper

Providing Expert Witness Services in Software, Internet and Electronics Technologies

English Logic Kernel - ELK


The English Logic Kernel (tm) for Patents

Version 2.07.02, US Patent 7,209,923 - additional patent pending


Please request a copy from "Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com" and you will receive a copy via email with instructions for installation.  

Make huge gains in the quality of your work products, and in the efficiency of your work, by downloading and using

English Logic Kernel (tm) for Patents

  • Prior art keyword search made easy and intuitive
  • Background process downloads patents while you work
  • Supports synonyms for keywords integrated with search
  • Instant claim dependency tree generation
  • Instantly generate two column support claim charts for prosecution
  • Instant generate three column challenge claim charts for litigation
  • Context sensitive help for each tab section of the program
  • Complete user's guide documentation
  • Designed for security of information so you never have to fear loss of competitive knowledge
  • Comments from happy customers show that we deliver quality results and world class technical support
  • Who can benefit: Patent agents, patent attorneys, expert witnesses, patent paralegals, scientists, engineers, inventors, M&A agents, corporate counsel, intellectual property investors, and anyone else who works with patents!

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