Dr. Richard G. Cooper


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Providing Expert Witness Services in

Software, Internet and Electronics Technologies




Viewing a patent’s abstract is accomplished after a patent has been loaded by pressing the Load Patent File button, or by selecting the patent from the drop down list.  The figure below shows an example of the Abstract panel:

In this example, the Highlight Keywords box at top right has been checked, and then the Load Patent File button has been pressed.  Next, the Abstract tab has been selected, and the Abstract panel is shown in the figure above. 

Note that the Abstract can be used as a source of Rare Words, and then these Rare Words can be moved to the Keywords list on the Search tab by pressing the Analyze button when the Abstract panel is being displayed.  The figure below shows this example after the Analyze button has been pressed:


In this case, the label “Abstract” is displayed in the Analyze panel at the right, just above the Rare Words list.  These Rare Words can be copied to the Keywords list for Search, or can be used when the Highlight Keywords box is checked and patents are loaded using Load Patent File or by selecting patents from the drop down list. 

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