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Providing Expert Witness Services in

Software, Internet and Electronics Technologies



See also How to Create a Claim Chart

The Claims panel is shown in an example below:

At the lower left, the Claim Tree is displayed in a separate panel.  Claim one has been selected by left clicking on the 1 symbol in the Claim Tree, and this click caused the text of claim one to be loaded into the Selected Claims panel at the top center.  Note that the Analyze button has been chosen to load the Rare Words list with words in the Selected Claims panel, not including any words found in the Frequent Words list at the bottom right. 

Any number of claims can be loaded into the Selected Claim panel by checking the box Add Each Selected Claim, and then left clicking on each claim you wish to analyze in the Claim Tree.  The figure below shows an example in which all independent claims have been added, and the Analyze button has found 39 Rare Words among these independent claims that were not in the Frequent Words list: 

By right clicking on the Rare Words list, words can be deleted, copied to Keywords on the Search tab, or to Frequent Words, or otherwise modified to fit your requirements for Search or for Highlighting Keywords. 

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