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Viewing a patentís Data is accomplished after a patent has been loaded by pressing the Load Patent button or by selecting the patent from the drop down list.  The figure below shows the Data panel containing a variety of information that has been extracted from the patent file:

The USPTO information items are extracted from the file and shown in the Data panel, including:

  • Patent Number
  • First Inventor
  •  Patent Title
  • Assignee
  • Date Filed
  • Date Issued
  • Class
  • Application Number
  • Examiner
  • Field of Search
  • Attorney

None of this information can be changed in the Data panel, but the stored version of the patent can be changed by pressing the Edit Patent button.  Then when the changes are saved and the patent file is reloaded by means of the Load Patent File button or the drop down list, any changes are shown reflected in the Data panel. 

 If you choose Create Support Chart on the Claims tab, you will see data displayed about both the Challenge patent and the Support patent on the Data tab, as shown below:

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