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Editing a Patent

Patents can be filed and issued with spelling errors, syntax errors, and other little annoyances that make it difficult to analyze using the best state-of-the-art tools such as Elk™.  So there is a special function button named Edit Patent which you can use to correct the copy of that patent stored on your hard drive.  The figure below shows where this button is located by drawing an ellipse around it:

When you choose the Edit Patent button, the currently displayed patent (the one produced by selecting one from the patent list box or the Load Patent File button) looks:

A new tab named Edit pops up, and the patent is displayed in HTML format.  The green highlighted word “stirring” is an error in the original file.  We wish to replace it with the corrected version “string” and then save the edited patent back to the hard drive.  The screen below shows the correction already made:

Next, click the Save button (see red ellipse above) to save the corrected patent back to the hard drive, or click the Restore button to restore any changes to the original as stored on the hard drive prior to making corrections that have not yet been Saved.

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