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Feedback from Rob Sherratt - 27th to 29th Dec 06, ELK version 2.06.03

Our clients are very concerned about confidentiality.  We will need to assure ourselves that security measures are in place. 


Thank you for your first class level of support and response to my questions.  You completely put my mind at rest over my initial security and confidentiality concerns, and as a result I've started using ELK based on a real client project. 

I normally write one or two claims tables each month in my role as a technical expert/ Chartered Engineer. "Means plus function" claims construction analysis is often necessary and somewhat time consuming, and your web based tutorial shows that ELK may be helpful in this.  


Great Features:

a) The functionality within ELK is very helpful when producing claims tables for assertion (prosecution or defense). 

b) Your on-line help files with screen shots are really good, thank you.  

c) Under the "claims" tab I really like the tree display and selection method of independent and dependent claims.

d) The way you have implemented "challenge patent" and "support patent" with automated support for assertion analysis is very helpful.

e) The "three column" format of claim element, support and challenge is appropriate and conventional.  The ability to save the results as a tabular HTML document for post-editing is great.


I wish you success with your product which has many innovative features I have not seen in competing products


Rob Sherratt, Chartered Engineer, Intellectual Property Subject Matter Expert


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