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Providing Expert Witness Services in

Software, Internet and  Electronics Technologies


MetaSemantics Corporation

MetaSemantics is a privately owned, early stage firm dedicated to developing better support for English text resources in a variety of industries. 


MetaSemantics is seeking partners who can help with distribution of the Elk for Patents product, or who can open new opportunities in fields which require better, more competent linguistic analysis and control techniques.  If you are considering partnering with MetaSemantics, please email us at MetaSemantics@EnglishLogicKernel.com to initiate discussion. 


MetaSemantics is a high concept company with plans for rapid growth.  If you seek to invest in early stage companies such as MetaSemantics, please contact us at MetaSemantics@EnglishLogicKernel.com for more information on our investment programs. 

Sales Personnel

MetaSemantics is seeking sales personnel who have experience in selling to intellectual property firms in fields such as law firm IP departments, patent licensing, patent portfolio management, patent search firms, corporate licensing groups, or related parties.  If this description applies to you, we would like to hear from you with a resume or business proposal.  Please contact us at MetaSemantics@EnglishLogicKernel.com for more information on our sales programs. 

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