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Software, Internet and  Electronics Technologies


Scan Patents in a List

 Scanning a list of patents is accomplished by pressing the Scan All button at the top center of the display, as shown inside the red ellipse below:

After pressing Scan All, the first patent in the drop down list is presented for your review.  The figure below shows how this scanning takes place for one patent using the Abstract tab:

Note that the patent text is highlighted using the Keywords and Rare Words lists to help you quickly identify patents that might be relevant for prior art.  Pressing the Next button on the center left lets you step quickly through each patent in the list, scanning the Abstract of each patent for good candidates.  When completed, you can press the Done button to exit Scan All mode and return to normal mode. 

 You can also Scan All the Data, Claims and/or Description tabs as you choose.  You can iterate through all of these tabs as you scan to check each portion of the candidate patents before moving on to the next candidate. 

 If you have already learned how to automatically Create Support Charts (i.e., the left two columns of a traditional claim chart), you can Scan All claim charts in the same way!  The figure below shows a claim chart that is automatically generated during Scan All operations:

For information on automatically generating claim charts, please visit Create Support Chart for more details. 

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