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From the very first conception, Elk for Patents™ was designed to maintain the full security of information that is so important to intellectual property developers, owners and legal practitioners.  The following question and answer set is intended to help you evaluate the depth and quality of our security practices. 


 Q: Log in authorization based on an assumed static IP address will not work for our company.  All our users are mobile.  IP addresses are allocated by DHCP from our secure VPN server at the time of connection to our internal network. 

 A: IP addresses are not used as a filter on this web server.  Most businesses map their employees’ web accesses into a small number of IP addresses using a router, so we can't use IP addresses for that purpose.  We're aware that IP address can change dynamically in most companies that access us. 


Q: We and our clients are very concerned about confidentiality.  We will need to assure ourselves that security measures are in place. 

A: Security was a significant factor in designing Elk for Patents ™ and its supporting web server.  The ONLY information stored on the server is the log for when you access our help files, along with your registration information, which is collected one time only.  No information is EVER transmitted to our server about what patent(s) you are working on.  That information stays on your computer’s hard drive in a directory named c:\elk patents\ along with the patent files you have downloaded, the lists of prior art patent numbers, and the patent search results you save.    


Q: What information do you keep about users on your server?

A: When you register (log in) to the server the first time, we collect your name, email address and phone number so we can advise you of new releases.  We note the information in our server so you won’t have to register a second time.  When new versions are released, we send you an email to let you choose whether to download and install the new versions.  Otherwise, no information about you ever leaves our server. 

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